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Delta gives you confidence in managing GraphQL API changes and takes care of communication

GraphQL API's type system combined with query usage statistics enable powerful developer tools like Delta.

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GraphQL Insights

Delta learns from the usage and schema of your GraphQL API and automatically provides you with actionable insights.

Know which fields are being queried and which ones are never being queried. Which deprecated fields are safe to remove?

Github Integration

Know exactly what will happen before you merge.

Delta comments on your pull requests if it detects GraphQL schema changes. Based on query usage Delta can estimate if a change is problematic or not.

Slack Notifications

Let colleagues know exactly what new fields are available or which got deprecated.

For example setup a Slack channel #api-changes and let everyone join who wants to be kept up to date.

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Interested? Delta is currently in private beta. To access, please tell a bit about your needs.

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